Acts of Defiance

Published May 17, 2013 by thefamilyof5

There aren’t many mum’s that embrace there child’s acts of defiance, but I do.

When big girl screamed at me whilst stamping her feet in anger today, I smiled inside.

She showed me a little bit of ‘real’ today, for that moment she trusted me, and it was only a moment sadly, but it felt wonderful 🙂


5 comments on “Acts of Defiance

  • i wish i had been adopted by someone like you. as someone who had a very traumatizing childhood, you’re right, it’s a beauitufl sign of trust and “real” that she showedthis to you. a very good thing.

  • thank you for recognizing whata beautiful gift she gave you today. thank you f or being one of those rare people that can see it for what it really is and not get caught up in the anger or sadness it might make you feel. thank you for caring about her . it warms my heart that you exist.

  • I really understand this. My youngest spent so long telling us nothing and being compliant, well behaved. Now he screams, shouts and digs his heals in and I constantly try to remind myself what positive progress we are making. So well said and well done fro seeing it so clearly.

    Thanks for Linking up with The Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

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