Photographic Memories

Published April 29, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I love to take photo’s, I take so many that its a major operation to sort through them and choose the best ones for the albums.

Last night as I trudged my way through the 1000’s of digital images on my hard drive I was reminded of the loss that we as an adoptive family have endured. The ‘friends’ and ‘family’ that chose to walk away when things got tough. The faces that were once photographed and cherished enough to go in to our albums, are now faces we see no more.

I love photo’s, they’re a wonderful reminder of who and what’s important, even if a little sad sometimes too.


4 comments on “Photographic Memories

  • Strange isn’t it. I remember the talk during my prep course when they told us that some friends would disappear and other new friends would be made. I couldn’t get my head round the fact that friends would disappear – why? Then the day Bonzo moved in, my best friends of years and years disappeared. Almost overnight it went from daily chats to once a week (always frosty) to the odd meet up, and now, haven’t heard from her since November. Really strange – and I have never got to the bottom of it!
    But, good friends have been made along the way!

    • It is strange, and sad. I recall doing a ‘support network’ activity as part of our pre group, it was chocca block full of names of those who we considered to be important to us, and assumed we were important to them too. Most have never met the girls, some have met them a handful of times in the early days bu only and a small few have kept their promise and supported us as a family x

  • Same here. And our support network was small enough in the first place!
    However I do love photos – for reminders of good times and people from the past. I’m grateful that Mini and Dollop are able to see what their granddad (my dad) looked like…brings him a little closer.
    Lovely post xx

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