For Breakfast today there’s Toast, Cereal or Lies?

Published April 3, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I HATE lies, I’ve blogged many times about the frustration I feel when presented with blatant, pointless lies so you can imagine how elated I was to be presented with a pointless lie within 10 minutes of being out of bed this morning.

Middle girl decided instead of answering a simple question with honesty, it would be much better to lie and turn it in to something much bigger than it needed to be and even implicate baby girl in her web of lies.

So what could possibly be so awful that she’d need to lie, so awful that she’d need to look me dead in the eye and tell me it was baby girl, something so awful that she would sit and repeatedly look baby girl in the eye and say ‘it was you not me’.

Soap! I kid you not, she lied about using soap, the soap that’s freely available for use by all.

Today when big girl went to brush her teeth there were bubbles in the sink and big girl wondered why they were there and asked me, so I asked ‘did someone use the soap?’ to which middle girl and baby girl both replied ‘NO’ leaving me knowing someone was lying.

Both baby girl and middle girl have lied to me in the past so I really wasn’t sure who was telling the truth and who was lying. I explained that using soap wasn’t a bad thing, its there to be used and in fact washing hands properly was something to be praised for and that no one would be in trouble, I asked trick questions, I scrutinised reactions, I really didn’t have a clue.

I could have dropped it, it wasn’t important, it was ONLY soap, but a lie is a lie and I just can’t let them go, it goes against everything I believe in.

Eventually, after 2 hours, she told the truth and I said sorry to baby girl for not believing her.

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ they say, and yes soap is not worth a battle, but for me, lies are!


4 comments on “For Breakfast today there’s Toast, Cereal or Lies?

  • I so agree with your post. I find it hard sometimes to work out what really is small stuff like the soap and should be ignored but what when it is part of something bigger like a lie. You have to deal with that then and it amazes me the ability my girls have to turn something really small into a major issue. At the end I feel really guilty as well so double frustration.

    • I don’t feel guilty to be honest, I know teaching a lesson about ‘lies’ is an important one that they need to learn, I do feel frustrated though. I’m currently dealing with a lie from baby girl, it never ends honestly! :/

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