2 Sides to Every Story – The Girls Side

Published March 20, 2013 by thefamilyof5

There are 2 sides to every story, but today I’ve only heard the story from my girls, so for now, I can only tell you what they told me, I hope to get the other side of the story soon.

The girls had a dentist appointment today, I told them, like I would for any other appointment, in the car on the way to school this morning. I explained that I’d be at school to collect them a little while after lunch.

I got to school at 1.40 as I’d pre-arranged with school the previous day. I was surprised to see my girls waiting for me when I arrived as usually I or one of the office staff would go and collect them from their class, but didn’t think much of it at the time, I just assumed the office staff had been proactive.

I ushered the girls in to the car and we left. I glanced in my mirror and noticed baby girls face was all red and puffy, I asked her if she’d been crying, she said she had because middle girl had been threatening to ‘tell’ on her (never figured out what for). That’s when it all came out.

It would appear that for some reason, today, they each decided to excuse themselves from class?!

After returning to the school building after lunch, around 1pm, middle girl passed baby girl in the corridor and told her ‘you need to get ready remember’. It would seem that baby girl took this to mean that she needed to collect her things and leave. So she told her teacher ‘I’ve got to go to my appointment now’ and she left. She headed for a small seating area by the main entrance.
Once she got there she realised that middle girl wasn’t there so decided to head over to her class and tell her teacher ‘middle girl needs to come now for her dentist appointment’ and so she left too. They both then headed back to the seating area.

Big girl’s lunch finishes a little later, around 1.10pm and she is situated in a different part of the school. Once she returned to her class from playtime she decided to tell her teacher she needed to go, as she had a dentist appointment, and she left.

So all 3 girls are now sat in the seating area near to the main entrance and school office, their teachers having released them from their classes I’m assuming having believed they’d been summons by the office to leave, and the office it would seem were unaware of their whereabouts and given the layout of the area the girls were out of their sight also.

There was some further wanderings of the corridors retrieving items they’d forgot, there was an incident involving big girl ‘telling off’ baby girl, and another involving middle girl threatening to ‘tell on’ baby girl all of which resulted in tears from baby girl, and judging by the state of her face when I collected her, quite a lot of tears, so quite a commotion from them I would imagine.

So who was supervising them? Who was keeping them safe?
If this series of events really did happen just as they’ve told me then anything could have happened and no one would have known they were ‘missing’ until I arrived at school some almost 30 minutes later.

If this series of events really did happen just as they’ve told me, then why did it happen, why did they all suddenly decide that today they needed to excuse themselves rather than wait to be collected like usual ( and we’ve had a LOT of appointments I can tell you!). The unpredictability of this makes me worry that they could have just as easily have decided to leave school via one of the unlocked doors in an attempt to ‘meet me’, who would have known they’d even left.

Needless to say all the girls were very anxious all afternoon, which is hardly surprising IF they’d been left unsupervised.

All of the girls have been and can be unpredictable, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined them to have been capable of excusing themselves from class.

Tomorrow I plan to find out the other half of this story, I desperately hope its very a very different version, to the version I’ve been told today.

To be continued…………..(always wanted to write that)


15 comments on “2 Sides to Every Story – The Girls Side

  • Oh. My. Word. I can’t believe that. Did you actually sign them out or just see them and then leave with them? What if they’d decided to “meet you” or such? Ok, I’m sure you’ve thought of enough hypothetical situations but wow. I’m really curious what actually happened. As a teacher I know it is easy to just believe a kid when she says she is supposed to go somewhere, but yikes! Can’t wait for the continuation…!

    • I know the unthinkable possibility’s are endless aren’t they! I asked the deputy head this morning to investigate what ‘actually’ happened, I’m hoping she’ll have a response for me when I pick the girls up from school shortly.

  • How frightening that not only one but all three of your children were able to dismiss themselves from class. Besides the obvious massive concern here the other thing that I got from this post was the connection your girls seem to have with each other, to look out for each other and include each other. My two boys are similar although they bicker and fight they are deeply connected by the fact that they have always been together and when it comes down to it would do anything to protect the other. School needs to provide you with some answers quickly and to address the safety of your girls.
    Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

    • They are definitely connected, they live and breath for each other, if one cries they all cry if one’s happy they’re all happy, they won’t eat, do or think something without including their sisters, sometimes this works well, other times not so well, particularly between baby girl and middle girl where the tensions runs high x

  • This is so scary and I hope you get some answers from school. It’s interesting that Sarah picked up the the connection between your girls…this struck me too, but I’m guessing that along with looking out for each other which is a great thing, it falls to big girl to look after and mother the other two, which isn’t so great?
    Let us know how you get on won’t you? Thanks for sharing with #WASO x

    • Big girl instantly reverts to ‘mother mode’ when ever I’m not around or whenever she feels im ‘incapable’ I.e ill. Its been very difficult to get her to relinquish her hold over her sisters, in fact, its a continuous struggle x

  • control is a very strong urge in our children and anticipating and probelm solving is worrying when all 3 girls have seemingly decided upon a course of action and been able to implement it, as it seems. i really hopw you find the answers you need to from school and are able to help the girls stay safe in school without taking the law into their own hands – or being able to leave the building

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