Published March 15, 2013 by thefamilyof5

After a busy swimming class I tucked my baby girl in to bed tonight, and like every other night I said

‘Snuggle down, straight to sleep’

She replied with

‘Cause you and daddy won’t leave each other will you?’

Needless to say, we had a good chat about how mommy and daddy love each other and always will and how we’ll always be her mommy and daddy and we’ll never leave her, ever.

I’m not sure what prompted this little chat, could be many things, we have a recently divorced neighbour and also a family member going through a separation or perhaps it was something said at school or a story that was read or a tv programme watched. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know.

It makes me so sad that on top of all the loss that baby girl has suffered in her short little life already, she still anticipates that there may be more.

Needless to say I’ve told my husband that no matter how unbearable a wife I may become, he’ll just have to put up with me, I promised her you see!


13 comments on “Loss

  • Oh poor thing. Our kids are so vigilant about change and loss. Mini goes through times (often) where he thinks he’s moving on, he still can’t believe that he’ll be forever, still can’t trust that we won’t abandon him too 😦
    Thanks for sharing this with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  • It does break your heart doesn’t it, little ones not being able to trust or believe that things will remain. It’s a really moving post that shines with your love for baby girl (and the other two obviously).

    Thanks for Sharinging on the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

  • I find this so hard, so important. I promised CHT we would see her Mum one day – sooner rather than later. I promised I would fight for it – which i did, and make sure it happened. Her death means I have reneged on that promise through no fault of my own. Explaining that is painful.

    I didn’t intent to leave such a grim comment, because your post moved me in wonderful ways. But its a reminder that we never know if we can keep promises, but we can always do our very best; you clearly are doing just that. awesome Mum. Mx

      • Yes, it is tough. We need new words – a whole new language to naigate the egg shells and knife edges we constantly walk on. Was not berating (hope you saw that). Mx

      • Absolutely, sorry if my reply seemed brash, I’m somewhat distracted lol I’m watching ‘Bedtime Live’ (recorded version) sleep is such a big deal here :/ amongst other things 🙂

  • It’s so hard to reassure our little ones when you never know what the future will bring. I tell Katie that I’ll always be there for her whilst knowing that my friend died a few years ago leaving her girls behind. They so deserve certainty.

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