CAMHS – Cognitive Tests

Published March 8, 2013 by thefamilyof5

The cognitive tests that I requested for Baby girl and Middle girls from camhs took place a few weeks ago. Sorry its taken me so long to write about them!

We got the results a week later, I will admit to being surprised and some what disappointed by the results.

It seems baby girl isn’t the absolute genius that I’d thought she was, she is ‘only’ (said with a wink and a grin) performing at the upper end of average although it seems she’s a super quick thinker, in fact almost a ‘superior’ thinker, explains why she is able to out smart me so often! I can see I’m going to have to watch out when she hits her teens!

Middle girl scored low, borderline in fact, the damage caused by the neglect in her first few years of life is very apparent. There wasn’t however the answer I was hoping for, I was ‘hoping’ for some significantly low score that would explain why we’re having the same issues with middle girls night time antics over and over again with no sign of her learning from past mistakes. But there wasn’t. It sounds horrible that I was hoping for something so awful from her results, but maybe then I could have understood, I could have empathised and sympathised instead of feeling the frustration and anger that I currently feel.

So I’m still left wondering why……..


2 comments on “CAMHS – Cognitive Tests

  • I can relate to your feelings, with regard to your middle girl’s difficulties.

    Our little guy aged 6 has been with us for 2 years now. He came to us with a diagnosis of gross developmental delay, but our social worker assured us this was due to his early experiences. I believe that, mostly…but sometimes I don’t. I guess the very fact that his abilities are mixed could point toward attachment difficulties (also at play here, of course).

    The consultant paediatrician believes there may well be an underlying genetic issue, and has offered us an array genetic test, to determine what is what.
    My first instinct was to go for it: information is power, and it will inform us all as well as help to form our expectations. And I think we will go for it.

    The difficulty is that our attachment is coming now, and throwing a genetic diagnosis into the mix will be yet another piece to integrate into our still-forming relationship with him.
    I wanted to get in touch because early on, I desperately wanted a diagnosis: something tangible, something we could work with.

    As for the ‘why,’ maybe we’ll never know. Early neglect (and possibly abuse) / genetic problems / attachment difficulty…it’s a heavy burden for these little souls, and they share some of it with us. I know what angers my husband and I is the manipulation: the controlling behaviour.

    Like you, having professionals who really get it has been a life line. We have finally begun Theraplay (long waiting list), and it’s already been invaluable.

    Would be glad to share what we find, when it comes.

    Sending hugs.

    • Oh its so hard finding that balance isn’t it. I’ve discovered I’m a ‘need to know’ kinda person, I struggle with unknowns so if there’s a chance of finding a reason, I’ll search for it 🙂
      I’d love for you to come back and let us know how your getting on 🙂

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