Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow!!? No?

Published February 22, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I think we’re heading somewhere
We’ve been heading there for a few weeks now, baby girl and big girl are in the driving seat it seems and we’re rapidly picking up speed
I don’t know if its somewhere nice or somewhere grim where we’re going
I don’t know if its somewhere where the smiles are a plenty or tears erupt frequently.

I wish I had a crystal ball to find out our unknown destination!

What I do know is that we have lots of intensifying behaviours developing:

We have constant ‘hurts’
We have jealousy
We have that intensified attention seeking (again)
We have competitiveness
We have nightmares
We have defiance
We have watching
We have checking
We have pushing boundary’s
We have anger
We have ‘stares’ and ‘looks’
We have obsessive behaviours and more.

Somethings going on, I just don’t know what?!

*bracing myself


13 comments on “Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow!!? No?

  • Oh I’m right there with you. Things aren’t too bad at the moment, but I hate that feeling of not knowing what’s coming, but knowing that it’s something and it could be horrific. Our poor kids…having to go through this too 😦

  • It’s always hard when you don’t know where you are heading, but know that something is building. It’s so hard trying to work out those ‘what if’s’ ‘what’s causing this’. Hope you find some answers before any fall out is too great.

    • Thank you for your kinds words, I too hope to limit the damage from what ever it is that’s going on :/

      Ps not sure if you know, but I’ve tried to comment on your blog a few times but it seems unless you have a google account your unable and I don’t have a google account, just letting you know in case you were unaware of this restriction.

  • If you find one, can you share it?! I guess when you know its coming, trepidatious though it may feel, at least we have some time to prepare and get the flack jackets on. Take deep breaths. Mx

  • A crystal ball would be such an amazing thing wouldn’t it. Everyone of us would do anything we could to stop the hurt and pain or worry our children have if only we knew what was causing it. We just have to hang on in there and learn little bits as we go. Sometimes though it does feel like 2 steps forward and 5 steps back!! 🙂
    Keep on smiling 🙂

  • Yes I know that feeling too. The upside is that it usually means progress is being made. It’s probably just as well we can’t always see what’s coming because it might all be a bit too scary. Hope you move through safely to brighter days.

    Thanks for linking up to the weekly Adoption Shout Out

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