Published February 21, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Yesterday we had the perfect example of how easy and quickly baby girl can become disregulated so I want to share it with you.

What happened: Daddy was fiddling with an alarm on the dining room table, he some how managed to trigger the alarm but couldn’t get it to stop so quickly took it outside until he’d managed to get it to stop.

Baby girl had been happily sat watching tv. The alarm sounded and baby girl quickly covered her ears and ran out of the room.
She came back in once daddy took it outside and sat back down and started chatting. She quickly became quite excited, giggly and silly. To the outside world she was happy, to me, she was unravelling.
The silliness continued, there was jumping, running and more manic laughing. She’d zoned out, she wasn’t aware of what she was doing or what those around her were doing. She was lost in her fear. I called her to sit by me to calm down before she got herself in to trouble.
She couldn’t sit still, her body was ridged, her eyes glazed over and her back arching, the manic laughter continued.
I put my arms around her, held her tight, stroked her face and calmed her.
She then spent 20minutes sobbing.

This makes me think of how baby girl is when she’s at school. She is not secure in school, its loud, its busy and she doesn’t feel safe, add on sleep deprivation and she becomes disregulated very easy.

So to all those that think she’s just like all the other children in her class and should have the same expectations thrust upon her, she is NOT the same, she’s constantly fighting with the fear inside her.


3 comments on “Disregulated

  • I can so relate to watching your child unravel in front of your eyes and everyone watching thinking everything is just fine and wonderful – until it is so out of control that they don’t know what just happened. So frustrating but at least you are tuned into it.

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