Published February 17, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Just over 2 weeks of early waking everyday is taking its toll on baby girl.

Baby girl is constantly disturbed throughout the night by middle girl thrashing about in her sleep and then once middle girl wakes in the early hours, she’s abruptly woken and kept awake leaving her over-stimulated and in sensory overload. She’s in a downward spiral of manic-ness (I made that word up yes!). Gone are the mornings where she would wake naturally and lay content in her bed. Now she wakes in a frenzy of thrashing about and back arching. Gone are the days of cuddles and concentrating. Now she controls and flits from one thing to another.

We tried talking to middle girl again today. We asked her why. ‘I WANT MY OWN ROOM’ she demanded, again. She even suggested that we turf big girl out of her room so she can have it. I kid you not.

We’ll be moving middle girl back to the floor in our bedroom tonight.

I wonder how long I’ll last before I feel out of control and unable to cope, again.

6 comments on “I WANT MY OWN ROOM!

  • I am so sorry! Lack of sleep takes a toll! I know you have probably already tried everything, but I also know lack of sleep locks us into doing what we;ve been doing (it does for me, anyway).

    Is your living room or den a room you use a lot as a family? I know you said your couch is uncomfortable, and you’re afraid you won’t hear them calling…is a monitor and a futon a possiblity? Is it possible to just declare the living room a bedroom? (Please forgive me if this is absurd in your circumstances; I just know when I am *this* pressed for sleep, I have a lot of trouble veering from the norm).

    I wish you luck, love, and some peaceful days.

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