The Educational Psychologist

Published February 4, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I met with the educational psychologist at school today. The schools senco had originally suggested I meet with her during one of our conversations last summer. She felt she might be able to help with regards to big girl who was having a very difficult time managing her emotions at school.
Its taken this long for the appointment to actually take place.
So much has happened since last summer that the senco and I thought it would be a good idea to use the appointment to chat about all of the girls needs, rather than just big girl as was originally planned.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the meeting as the role of an educational psychologist isn’t really one I’m familiar with. So I asked some very knowledgeable friends of mine for some advice and armed myself with a list of school related ‘issues’ for each of the girls ready to take to the meeting.

We chatted through my list of concerns, we talked about attachment and how the girls difficult starts could have impaired their brain development and be hampering their ability to learn.

We talked about big girl and how her wonderful teachers have made school so much easier for her this year, she’s been lucky enough to have 2 (job share) of the most wonderful, patient and understanding teachers I’ve ever known, and this has shown in big girl’s attitude towards school. Don’t get me wrong, she still finds school very difficult, but she’s finding some bits easier these days too.

We chatted about middle girl and how she hides behind her smile and my concerns that she’s going un-noticed and slipping through the net, her learning is very behind but because she’s such an enthusiastic learner and so compliant in class, she hasn’t managed to draw any attention to her needs, which is obviously her plan. But this needs to change.

Then we chatted about baby girl and the senco was quick to point out that we’d not had any issues with baby girl for some time now, in fact we talked about how some of the extra measures that had been put in place to support baby girl in the autumn term last year, were now being phased out as they were no longer needed. So, I took a deep breath and I explained that the reason baby girl had improved so dramatically was because middle girl had been sleeping in our room since november which allowd baby girl to sleep better. I then had to explain that I was unable to take the early morning wake ups any longer, and as we’d exhausted all other option’s we’d taken the decision last Thursday to put middle back in with baby girl. Which meant they needed to brace themselves for the return of baby girls chaotic behaviour since she was going to be sleep deprived once again.

The Educational Psychologist agreed that all the girls had needs that required addressing but she was only able to address the needs of one of them. After much discussion it was decided that baby girl’s needs would be addressed.

Later that day I had the funniest of conversations with baby girls teacher, but you can read about that in my next post!


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