Sleep Solutions, Ha!

Published January 22, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Today was middle girls appointment with the CAMHS sleep professionals. Our camhs family therapist made the referral because she didn’t know what else we could do/try to stop middle girl waking up her sisters when she wakes in the early hours.

I really don’t have the energy to explain the whole 1.5hour appointment, but what I will tell you is we discussed bedtime routine, night time drinks, exercise (I was surprised to hear exercise 4hrs before bed is a no no) snacks and
TV. Needless to say, aside from friday evenings swimming class they were happy with everything we do.

Which meant that there wasn’t much else they could suggest we try aside from sedation. I have to say I was quite shocked at this as getting to sleep isn’t a problem for middle girl. Staying asleep past 4am and being content to allow others to sleep however, is an issue. So his suggestion of sedation was for short term use, around a month, with a view to break her body clocks habit of waking at around 4am and 5am. He said it was a long shot. I concur.

Middle girl was present for the entire appointment, she zoned out, sat at the table in the corner with a fisher price nursery rhyme toy and a colouring book. In fact the only time she lifted her head to listen was when the suggestion of her having a room to herself and baby girl sleeping in our room was made. At this point she physically lifted her entire body and looked up and listened, and smiled! Even the therapist/Dr noticed this change in her body language, so I filled him in on her foot stomping demands of ‘I want my own room’. He agreed that his suggestion was no longer appropriate. He made a few general comments to middle girl throughout the appointment and she happily responded, however whenever he mentioned the bedtime issues we were having, she just smiled and refused to talk, just like she does at home.

So he sent me away with the name of a sedative I should try and persuade our gp to prescribe (Circadin) and a letter that says if we’re still having problems in 3 months then to ring them back and we can go on their 18 month waiting list for their 6 month intensive sleep programme. (even though ‘sleep’ isn’t her issue.)



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