Decisions, Decisions!

Published December 19, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So middle girl is still sleeping in our room and she’s still waking us in the early hours, we’re shattered, she’s shattered and its damaging our relationship with middle girl, especially for me. I feel angry and resentful towards her when she wakes me, which is pretty much every day.

Baby girl however is just lovely, the difference is remarkable. She’s happy, she’s smiley, she’s not tired, my relationship with her is blossoming, we’re meeting each others mummy/daughter needs, its just lovely.

So what to do. If we put middle girl back in her own room then my relationship with her will improve somewhat, but my relationship with baby girl will suffer as a result. She’ll become increasingly more sleep deprived and in turn become controlling and difficult.

I should never have to choose which child should be happy, no mother can make a decision like this!


3 comments on “Decisions, Decisions!

  • No, you shouldn’t have to choose. I’m glad at least things are looking good with one of them, though. You may have mentioned it but I forget – why was putting the oldest and youngest together not an option? Or even the two oldest together? If your oldest is a good sleeper then perhaps she wouldn’t wake up with middle’s antics. I know you’ve probably already thought out all these options, but I just couldn’t remember what you had said. Too bad you don’t have an office or other space you could just convert into a bedroom. What about moving to a bigger house?

    • Eldest has ASD and her own major long standing sleep issues (blog to come in near future about her recent problems with sleep) she can’t share with anyone (we’ve tried), its too much for her to cope with. Moving/extending is our only option, if we could afford it :/

      • Ah, yes. Well, you could start looking. Things come and go and sometimes it is more affordable than you think. I remember our sleep issues with our five year old. Nearly drove me insane and she wasn’t usually even bothering her siblings that much. I really hope you can find solution soon – it is so important for all of you. I know when I felt rested they could throw anything my way and I was calm and totally in control of myself and my reactions and was like, “Bring it on kid, I’m tougher, smarter, and more stubborn than you so go ahead and try…” But when I was tired? Oh boy, it was not a pretty picture and I did and said things that certainly couldn’t be found on my “good parenting skills” list. Blessings to you.

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