3 weeks in……..

Published December 6, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Middle girl has been sleeping in our room for 3 weeks now. She’s woke me and hubby at 4.10am, 5am, 5.20am and many other ridiculously early hours pretty much every morning, she’s showing no sign of having learnt her lesson!

There’s only 3 weeks till the fat man comes down the chimney, I wonder what list she is on this year.

I am so tired that I can barely function. My house is dirty, my washing basket is over flowing, my to do list is getting bigger and bigger, our diets have consisted of what ever can be done quickest and with the least mess. I’ve presents to wrap and cards to write. I’ve got appointments and school plays filling my diary for the next 2 weeks, I just need to find the energy to be able to them.

If I put her back in her own bed she’ll wake baby girl and then she’ll get in trouble at school because she’s tired.

This is supposed to be season of joy and happiness. Instead its miserable.

This is an impossible situation that can’t carry on, it just can’t.

2 comments on “3 weeks in……..

  • I’m 12 weeks into placement, I’ve been reading for a while but my brain is jelly ATM! I completely understand the reasons for separating Middly and Littly, but would everyone get more rest if Littly was with you?
    Apologies if you’ve already blogged about this, as I said my brain is jelly!

    • Congratulations on your new placement, I remember being in a daze for those first few months, hope your getting some support from family and friends and ultimately some rest 🙂

      Middle girl is having to sleep on the floor in our room due to lack of space for a bed/camp bed so not comfortable. Hubby snores. We have 2 cats that sleep in our room and often wonder about in the night.

      Your suggestion would be an ideal solution.


      There are 2 reasons I’m reluctant.
      Firstly. Middle girl is adamant she wants a room of her own and in her words ‘I don’t want HER in MY room’ and I suspect a lot of these behaviours stem from that. So I’m reluctant as I feel that taking baby girl out would be effectively giving in to middle girls demands and that’s not a message I’m comfortable giving.
      Secondly. Baby girls NEEDS 12+ hours sleep a night. She just wouldn’t get that in our room with daddy snoring, cats purring, us coming to bed at night and daddy leaving early for work. She’d be woken up regular so she’d be no better off.

      Really appreciate your suggestion, in an ideal world, it would have been the ‘one’ 🙂

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