The ticking body clock!

Published November 27, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Baby girls had the bedroom all to herself for almost 2 weeks now. The first couple of nights she slept 6pm till 7.30am and was spectacularly wonderful, which I’m sure is the real baby girl.

But once she’d caught up on a bit of sleep her body clock kicked back in and reverted to waking her a bit earlier again. She has on occasion woken at 6.30 ish. This isn’t too bad at all really and is no where near as bad as the 5am that middle girl was waking her, but it seems its still too early for her and its shown in her behaviour.

On days when she’s woke earlier her mood and behaviour are dramatically different. She’s fidgety, agitated and very controlling. She gets in to trouble at school on these days too 😦

So how do I change her body clock?


2 comments on “The ticking body clock!

  • Can you put her to bed an hour later so when her 12 hour sleep is complete and she wakes it is time to get up anyway so she does not “notice” as such that she is “up early” or is it that 12 hours is not enough and she needs 13 hours sleep?

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