CAMHS part 2 – Session 6

Published November 13, 2012 by thefamilyof5

First of all, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve so much to write about from the last few weeks but just don’t have the head space to put it all down.

Any way, today was session 6, during our last session the therapist said she’d arrange to meet with baby girls teacher.
An appointment was arranged for last thursday so today’s appointment was supposed to be to chat about how it went. Unfortunately the therapist had to cancel last weeks appointment and now won’t be going until next week so there wasn’t much we could discuss.

However, our time wasn’t wasted, we had plenty to talk about with middle girls bedtimes behaviours still continuing and pushing us to breaking point, I’ve been ringing the placing LA and the therapist a lot lately as things are getting tough.
I don’t think I’ve properly explained what the issues are but basically, middle girl wakes super early, 4am onwards, and subsequently wakes baby girl by punching/kicking/hitting the bed (they’re in bunks), so intentionally. We’ve looked at every sleeping option, reward system, visual/verbal reminders, punishments etc etc and they’re either not viable or not effective. The only thing that’s worked is removing middle girl from her bed BEFORE she gets chance to wake baby girl, this sometimes means having to wake her to get her out of bed to take her down stairs. We’ve done this on a couple of occasions and whilst she’s hated it, baby girl has slept and subsequently not been in trouble at school. So for now, this seems all we can do.
So from today we’ve decided that when hubby gets up for work at 5.30am he will take middle girl down stairs leaving the rest of us to sleep until a more reasonable 7am. Hopefully she won’t have already woke baby girl up but 4.45am isn’t unheard of!
What I’m undecided on, is what to do with middle girl once she’s down stairs. Hubby has to go to work so it means she’ll be alone. CAMHS suggest putting the tv on quietly for her and I’m sure you’ll all agree with that idea. However, after more than 9 months of this behaviour I’m unhappy about making this a ‘nice’ experience for her. What sort of message will I give her, ‘play up for long enough and eventually mommy will give you what you want?!’, but at the same time, if this is a long term arrangement now, which it seems it will have to be, it would be almost cruel to make her sit down here alone and in the dark with nothing to do. So I’m torn.

What to do, what to do, what to do?!

My next appointment is 2 weeks away but during these 2 weeks I’m hoping camhs will have met with baby girls teacher to discuss her behaviour and how they can best support her. Right now they’re punishing her for things she’s not really emotionally equipped to cope with, she just isn’t ready for choices and freedom. I’m hoping they will see that inside she’s really only a 3yr old rather than the 5yr old they see on the outside and will be able to take steps to support her more and prevent her getting in to trouble rather than just dealing with her afterwards. We’ll see!

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3 comments on “CAMHS part 2 – Session 6

  • TV is the only option really. Without the distraction she could get up to allsorts, I’d rather have the peace of mind of knowing she was ‘safe’ while watching tv than getting up to who knows what. Its not her fault that she wakes…it is her fault that she wakes baby girl, but sometimes what you’d like to do and what you have to do are conflicting. After a few days of being bored on her own, she might change her tune anyway and leave baby girl be??

    • Thanks for your comment, Your right, I know you are. Although I’m not worried about her safety I know if she’s told to stay put, that’s what she’ll do, if I thought she’d do any different I wouldn’t even consider leaving her downstairs alone. I couldn’t do this with baby girl for example. I don’t however think this is going to be a cure, there’s no way this will be enough to stop her doing something she’s done relentlessly for 9 months now, in fact, one of my worries is that once she’s got her head round it, she’ll up her game and start stomping out of her bedroom, coughing loudly, coming up to the bathroom loudly, waking baby girl at bedtime, waking her earlier, you get the idea. But for now, this is all we have. :/

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