CAMHS part 2 – Session 5

Published October 16, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Today was our 5th session, it was just me.

We briefly discussed how the last session hadn’t revealed much about middle girl, but the therapist did comment that she liked the way I interacted with her. Middle girl was referred back to Salt (speech and language) during the last Caf meeting and the therapist commented that she felt this was a good idea. She didn’t really offer any advice about what to do about the sleep issues that we were having but suggested that we reinstate the (poster) visual reminder in middle girls bedroom in the hope that eventually it will sink in and the behaviour will change.

We chatted about big girl and how I felt more at ease about big girls future now that she had a recognised diagnosis and would be getting support. I also told her that I felt sure that big girl was going to have a great school year due to the fantastic teachers she now has, they listened to me before the school year and now they’re listening to big girl, unlike her previous teachers, they really see her! They’ve already made huge steps with her and have identified a way of helping to keep her calm and deter her from self harming in the classroom (Tangle Toy). Our recent parents evening left me feeling reassured that big girl was happier in school because she was being well looked after and she knew so, that left me feeling ‘content’.

We moved on to talk about baby girl and my worries about her, we chatted about her controlling behaviours, her attention/focusing issues at school, the chaos she seems to crave/create and we also chatted about her being affectionate with inappropriate people (sitting on strangers laps etc).
The therapist suggested that all of the difficulties we experience with baby girl could be due to attachment difficulties but as it was early days she wouldn’t be ruling out other possibilities. We chatted about the recent parents evening and I told her I’d felt that baby girls teacher really didn’t ‘get’ her at all and I worried that because she didn’t understand the reason behind baby girls behaviours she wouldn’t be able to help her. I was very pleased and somewhat shocked when the therapist offered to meet with baby girl’s teacher with a view to support school in supporting baby girl. Finally they’re not just talking, they’re ‘doing’! Yeay!

My next meeting is in 2 weeks time and will be just myself again. The therapist hopes to have spoken to baby girls teacher by then. I’m feeling hopeful!

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