ASD Assesment – Session 9 The Diagnosis

Published October 11, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Well as the title says, session 9 was really just to confirm the ASD diagnosis we were expecting and to tell me what happens next.

The diagnosis of ASD has opened a few doors for big girl, an ASD outreach team will be able to help school to support her and she will also be referred to a sleep therapist and Salt (Speech and Language therapist) for support.

There are lots of support groups for us, for her, and for us all as a family. There are activity days, fun days, clubs and specialist venues.

I think mostly for now we’ll concentrate on getting her some help in school and some help with her sleeping, we’ve adapted our lives to meet her needs really so we manage quite nicely at home and I don’t feel we’ll need any additional support at home just yet although I may explore possible options that may give baby girl and middle girl a bit of free ‘play’ time without big girl around to enable them to ‘play’ rather than be controlled and manipulated by big girl.

So, big girl is on the Autistic Spectrum, that explains a few things! Has that made a difference to our family, no not really, but hopefully it will make a difference to schools understanding of her.

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2 comments on “ASD Assesment – Session 9 The Diagnosis

  • It really sucks that you continue to hit these brick walls, oh the diagnois now it’s official is great, but does it change how things are as far as how they all interact? and how your constantly being given the run around, nope, does it help with the education system who seem to let kids with ASD’s slip on through the system and find the cracks to hide in, well again sadly no.
    Your one strong women, and a total inspiration as I have told you before, your perserverence and unconditional love, is truely magical, the girls found you for a reason, they have all come to you for a reason, and that is partly because of that unconditional love you have, that perserverence to have those so called health professionals and education providers to get it right, to stop allowing things like your daughters ASD’s to slip by and through the cracks of a system that is world wide,
    ((hugs)) may you and your family find a balance that works for you all

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