Round and Round we go, where we’ll stop nobody knows……….

Published October 2, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So my hunt for support takes us on a Merry Go Round………such fun! (As miranda’s mother would say)

So the last time I spoke to our Placing Authority ( PA are the ones financially responsible for our post adoption support) about the problems we were having, they told me to ring the voluntary agency we used to adopt.

So yesterday I called the Voluntary Agency (VA), they suggested that once again I ask our Local Authority (LA) about the support services they have available, after explaining that I’ve tried to find this out many times, she suggested I put my request in writing.

So this morning I emailed our LA. Who told me the PA had all the information I needed.

So just to clarify, the PA tell me to ring the VA, the VA tell me to ring the LA and then the LA tell me to ring the PA.

*insert your most favourite swear word here!


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