CAMHS Part 2 – Session 4

Published October 2, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Session 4 was today. It was just me and middle girl attending. The therapist planned to explore the relationship between middle girl and baby girl.

When we arrived she presented middle girl with a box of toy animals. She asked middle girl to choose an animal for each member of the family. First she chose Daddy, a Buffalo. Then Mommy, a Horse (I’m hoping it wasn’t an ascetic choice) Then Big Girl, a Goose. Then baby girl, a Stag and finally herself, a Manx Cat.

The therapist then drew 3 concentric circles and asked middle girl to put herself (the Manx cat) in the middle and then add each individual member of our family to the circles in a place where she would like them to be. Middle girl placed all the animals in the middle next to the Manx cat.

Middle girl spoke no more than 10 words (all of which were yes’s and no’s) during the whole session, she allowed the therapist to lead the entire conversation offering only nod’s and smiles and the occasional ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

So, what did we learn? aside from being reminded that middle girl has Auditory Processing issues, nothing.

In 2 weeks time, we’re going to discuss what we learnt today apparently.


2 comments on “CAMHS Part 2 – Session 4

  • My little girl would probably have stuck to yes/no/nods/smile answers too, infact she did the same when we met with her birth grandfather and his lady friend last friday, well actually an answer of any kind at times would have been welcome, sometimes she totally ignored them which I felt was very rude but if I think about it she just had the barrier up as your girl did, minimum interaction with adults she has no trust bonds with.

    Interesting that your girl put all the animals together, a positive sign perhaps?

  • Yes she’s never really spoke at any of our camhs sessions to be fair. I think this is somewhat attributed to her auditory processing difficulties, when she’s on the spot she just can’t speak.

    As for the animals in the circle, I don’t think she understood, she was told to put the cat in the middle so she did the same with the rest. If she’d been told to put the cat in the outer circle, she’d have put them all there, she was just following the pattern I felt rather than expressing her wish to have all her family close by.

    We’ll see though! Lol

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