I Need………

Published September 27, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I need so many things right now its becoming totally overwhelming.

I need to understand what big girls pending ASD diagnosis will mean

I need to know what to do about baby girls obsessive picking

I need to know how to handle middle girls persistent bad behaviour in bed

I need baby girls teacher to understand her needs and regulate her instead of allowing her to constantly make bad choices

I need the lunch time staff to stop baby girl from throwing her lunch away

I need teachers to tell me when there have been issues during the day

I need more than 1hr slots every few weeks with CAMHS

I need more hours to our evening routine

I need baby girl assessed for her needs so we can help her to focus at school

I need enough money to extend our home so middle and baby girl don’t have to share bedrooms

I need a detached house so I don’t have to worry about neighbour noises waking the girls at night

I need girls that tell me when somethings wrong, I can’t keep dragging stuff from them its exhausting for all of us

I need girls that sleep or at least try to sleep

I need to find a way to de-stress before I burst

I need to be able to eat a meal without getting indigestion

I need to be able to collect my girls from school without worrying about what sort of moods they’re in

I need to be able to walk around my house at night without waking my ridiculously light sleeping girls

I need the time and energy to be a wife as well as a mother

I need a post adoption team to support us

I need to be able to sleep instead of lying awake thinking about all the things I need and can’t have!

And I need the biggest bar of chocolate in the world, right here, right now!


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