CAMHS part 2 – session 2 & 3

Published September 15, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, I’ve so so much that I want to say but don’t seem to be able to put order to any of it so you can make sense if it. But I’m going to have a try.

Session 2 with the new CAMHS therapist was with all of us. The girls immediately made themselves busy with the toys in the room as usual. The therapist suggested an activity. The ‘squiggle/doodle’ game, whereby the girls were to take it in turns to draw a small doodle on a large piece of paper and to see what all of their doodle’s together would look like.
Before long it became competitive ‘I want to do a long doodle’ ‘its my turn now’ ‘you’ve done yours let me have my turn’ ‘I just want to add some more to my doodle’ ‘I know my doodle is long but I haven’t finished yet’ ‘I want to draw my doodle very slowly’ ‘ hurry up its my turn’ they collectively drew a wiggly square. Not sure what that revealed aside from a complete lack of creativity and immense competitiveness.

The next activity was to add the magnetic words to a picture I.e ‘floating’ could go by the balloon in the sky. ‘Barking’ could go by the dog etc. So again, ‘taking it in turns’ began with a grapple for words until their hands were too full to hold any more and ended in a frantic rush to get all their words on the picture first. No idea what useful traits this revealed.

Session 3 was just me again. We chatted about the psychologists suggestion to have baby and middle girls assessed for ASD. She was less enthusiastic about the prospect I felt but said she’d look at it more once she knew the girls a bit better. Fair enough I guess.
We chatted mostly about the issues we’re having with middle girl waking baby girl. We shared idea’s about why there may be some resentment issues and she decided it was best to meet with middle girl and see if we can get to the bottom of it. We have an appointment arranged in a few weeks for middle girl and I, the therapist plans to arrange some kind of relaxed play activity for middle girl to do that will help her to understand what the issues are and why she insists on waking baby girl.

So all in all we’re no further along really. I still have 3 very tired traumatised girls and no real idea of how to best help them.


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