More Puzzle Pieces

Published August 14, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So we received some medical information yesterday for big girl from her former gp, its a printout from their computer, its ‘only’ taken 2 years to get, we still don’t have the written notes, they appear to have been lost, or hidden! (I’m becoming increasingly paranoid that someone doesn’t want us to see those notes!)

So anyway whilst browsing through these very limited and mostly useless notes, I spotted something very alarming. A scanned copy of a LAC review form stating, amongst other things, that big girl was seem by CAMHS on a date almost 3 years prior to being placed with us. This also means she was still with her birth family at this point. Why do we not already know this?! Surely being referred to a mental health service was significant enough for us to have been told! Apparently not!

So of course I immediately picked up the phone and dialled the number for the placing authority’s post adoption team where I was informed that the worker for our family was off sick and no one else could help me. I sank back into my chair deflated and defeated, again.
I shared my anger and despair with some good friends of mine who rekindled the fight in me and told me not to take no for an answer.
I dialled again, this time I refused to be fobbed off and was eventually put through to a manager of some sort. I explained the situation, she was very understanding and promised to look into records, contact their local CAMHS and ring me with her findings by 12 the next day (today).

12.20pm today she called. She’s not been able to find out anything but I appreciated that she’d tried. She’d looked through records on their computer system and could find no reference of a CAMHS appointment for big girl. She could however see that one of their elder siblings had been seen by CAMHS. She has made contact with their local CAMHS and is currently waiting for them to ring her back to discuss it further.

Was this a mistake? Did the GP write up the report incorrectly? Has big girl been referred to CAMHS in the past? Was she just seen as part of her siblings referral? Is someone hiding something from me?

So many questions, again!

2 comments on “More Puzzle Pieces

  • one thing that really pisses me off is the lack of records that the doctors and medical professionals as they refer to themselves as seem to keep, and release what they think we need to know or what they want us to know. I honestly empathize with your endless frustrations and wish I could offer you more than words, your one hell of a chick! your determination and love is inspiring (as I have said before).
    It’s hard to fight a system that is so very twisted ………((hugs)))

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