CAMHS part 2 – Session 1

Published August 14, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I met with the new camhs therapist today, a lady, she seems quite lovely.

She’s had some notes from the previous therapist, but essentially we’re starting from scratch.

We chatted about all the girls, some of the progresses we’ve made, some of the brick walls we’ve hit. We talked about how our family ‘works’, how we address things, and the area’s in which we struggle to address things. I say ‘WE’ chatted, but really I mean ‘I’, I chatted, a lot! So much so that our 1hr appointment lasted 1hr 15 minutes 🙂

She shared her thoughts on our therapy options and how she will be taking advice/guidance/assistance from another member of the team who is a Psychotherapist, rather than a Family therapist like herself. Initially she feels that our individual needs, as well as our family needs, need to be addressed so she foresee’s long term attachment based therapy, some aimed at me, some aimed at each of our daughters individually and some aimed at us as a family.

We have an appointment for a few weeks time whereby she will meet the girls, mainly in an ‘observing their play’ kind of approach.

I’m hopeful once again, the light at the end of this very long tunnel has started to glimmer again, albeit faintly.

She seems to know her stuff, she even told me ‘your only human’, so I think I’ll be able to leave my cape at the door for future appointments!

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