So this is support?!

Published August 2, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So, our local authority, after many phone calls and emails from me, finally decided to allow us to attend their Family Activity afternoon. They suggested that this is the best way they can support me as apparently their parent support groups that are held of an evening once a month not too far from me, would be unsuitable?!

So, we went to the activity afternoon. Its was an Olympic themed activity and the girls joined the other children in the adjoining room. I chatted briefly to a couple of the mum’s but it was quite difficult to really discuss anything in depth as understandably some of the children were popping back to check-in with their mummy’s every few minutes and forcing the conversations to be censored.

The girls loved it, there was craft, face painting, dancing, games and more craft, oh and sugar, lots of sugar. They were in heaven.

Half way through the session the children took a break for a snack.
Some one somewhere thought it’d be a great support for us mum’s to load up our children, many of whom can’t regulate their own behaviour, with excitement and sugar, a lethal combination for most children. So as I glanced into the room I spotted my youngest, eyes wide, shovelling some sort of chocolate into her mouth at a rapid rate, I glanced down to the plate in front of her. 4 jam tarts, 3 bakewells, a selection of biscuits, crisps and a couple of chocolate bars! I think not! Needless to say i returned the majority of the food she’d piled onto her plate back to the ‘snack’ table. Shortly after one of the workers thought it best to check with the mum’s/dad’s before they gave the children a small ice cream. They gave them free access to consume 1kg of sugar, but thought it best to check if they could eat a small scoop of vanilla ice cream? Right.
So any way, when they finished eating their junk they went and decorated some more biscuits with icing sugar and sweets to eat later. Honestly!

I recall there being lots of sweets given out as prizes and treats at the adoption new year party that our voluntary agency hosted, however they sensibly gave the children a mini, balanced, packed lunch with a sandwich, packet of crisps, small chocolate biscuit and a drink rather than allowing them the freedom to over eat and gorge themselves, as many adopted children will if allowed. Well wouldn’t you if in the past someone forgot to feed you on occasion.

I know I sound like one of those over the top mom’s but seriously, how much sugar. The huge table was covered in lots of different plates of cakes, chocolate bars and various kinds of biscuits and bowls of crisps, right at the furthest end was a very small bowl of fruit and a plate of pizza slices. I’m sure they could just as easily and just as cheaply have made this a little bit healthier. Perhaps some cherry tomatoes, grapes, some cheese strings, flap jacks, more fruit, less cake, bread sticks you get the idea. I want my girls to eat healthy, is that so bad? When they’re adults they can eat as much rubbish as they want, but for now, its my responsibility to keep them healthy and encourage healthy choices. I very rarely give the girls sweets and I’ve explained to them about the damage they do to their teeth and they understand this. They do eat cakes, chocolates and biscuits, ice creams, puddings etc in moderation, but for now they’re just as happy to be presented with a fruit salad for desert as a chocolate muffin and I’d really like for that not to change.

So any way, the girls were all over the place in their seats in the car on the way home. It looked like I’d allowed them to become intoxicated! They’re just not used to that much sugar. When we got home I settled them down in front of the tv for some calming time. It didn’t work, Baby girl got sent to bed early after some over excited, sugar high, playing up and big girl gave some attitude when it was time for her to go to bed.

I’m really not sure how any of it was supposed to support me.

One comment on “So this is support?!

  • I LOVE this post. It is so nice to know I’m not the only “over the top” mom out there. Good for you for caring about your girls’ health! Seriously – what are people thinking??? And all this from the “professionals.” I would have left. I’ve done it before. You were just trying to get some help, not torture them and create an evening of chaos. Thank you for speaking up for what is truly best for your girls!

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