ASD Assessment – Sessions 2 & 3

Published August 1, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I didn’t get round to blogging about the 2nd session which was a few weeks ago, so I’ll just combine it with today’s 3rd session.

Sessions 2 and 3 have just been me and the psychologist. She’s asked me lots of questions and I’ve answered them as best I can. Today I shared my observations from our recent holiday (I will share with you all soon too) and I shared with her a video of big girl dancing on holiday that I also thought was relevant.

At the end of our first session she said it was too early for her to have formed any thoughts on big girls difficulties, however at the end of today’s session she did say that she felt there was definitely something more than just ‘attachment’ going on, she had picked up on some ASD traits but felt it was too early to comment further, not that I’d asked her to comment, she volunteered this.

The psychologist is nice, I like her, she’s not english I don’t think, she has an unusual name and she speaks with an accent, perhaps swedish. She’s very open, she shares her thoughts and opinions and asks me for mine. She empathise’s, sympathise’s, simplifies and helps me make sense of things. I have every faith in her judgment and feel she will carry out the assessment objectively and fairly. I trust her.

Big girl will have a cognitive assessment in a few days time, I’m not sure if I’ll be told of these findings straight away or at the end of the entire assessment, in September there will also be some observations that will take place at school.

I feel like we’re getting somewhere.
I feel there’s now a chance I may some day, understand big girl, even if its only a little.


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