My Irrational Fear

Published July 31, 2012 by thefamilyof5

A persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

I have a phobia of injections. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, and aside from a TB jab at school in my early teens I’ve managed to avoid them, until now it seems.

A teeny hole in my tooth developed some time ago, most rational people would go to the dentist, me however, all I thought was hole=injection, I’ll ignore it and it’ll go away. It didn’t. It got bigger. Much much bigger. In fact it got so big it spread to the tooth next to it and on sunday, the inevitable happened. Whilst tucking into a nice piece of fish, a large piece of tooth broke away.

I’ve been distraught ever since. A trip to the dentist, who was cold and uncaring, confirmed my worst fear, double extraction. Again, most rational people would be upset about the thought of an unsightly gap in their teeth, me however, I’m terrified of the injection and only the injection. In fact I welcome the extraction, its less teeth to need treatment in future!

I’ve been referred to the local hospital whom will apparently be able to remove the teeth under general anaesthetic (wonder if they’ll take them all, never have to go through this again would I). I’m praying, (literally, I haven’t since I was a child I’m ashamed to say, but right now I figure the only one that can help me out of this mess I’ve gotten myself in to is the big man upstairs) that either I wake up (impossible considering I’ve not slept) and find its all been a bad dream, or they welcome me with kind understanding arms at the hospital and offer me gas to sedate me and extract my 2 teeth without me knowingly having any injections.

I’ve endured the horrendous pain of an abscess under a wisdom tooth for weeks, rather than have a single injection, that’s not rational! If you have a phobia you’ll understand this.

If you worry before dental appointments and your dentist has to talk to you gently and tell you to close your eyes in order to inject, that’s a fear not a phobia.

I wish I didn’t have a phobia it impacts so much of my life. I’ve told my husband if ever I’m in hospital unconscious he’s to get all my inoculations and a huge blood test done while I’m out, sound hilarious but I’m serious, it may be the only way?!

I’ve tried bravery, I discovered, where needles are concerned, I’m not brave. At all.
I’ve tried hypnotherapy, I giggled my way through it only to be told I apparently have too active an imagination to be able to close it off and become hypnotised.
I’ve tried distraction techniques, trouble is just talking about the possibility of having an injection leaves me a jibbering wreck, how do you focus on anything but?!
I’ve tried suggesting some odd alternatives to medical professionals and received some very odd looks to go with them. I remember asking my doctor if they could just cut my skin and let me bleed into a jar rather than have a blood test with an injection. I don’t think she’d ever been asked that before judging her expression.

So please, if there are any medical geniuses out there that are verging on releasing an alternative to injections, I offer myself as a guinea pig, I kid you not, please step forward and save me.

Failing that, please pray that I get through this somehow, hopefully puncture free!


One comment on “My Irrational Fear

  • You need to look into sedation dentistry! I had a dentist phobia for years and it got to the point that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I found a dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry- a pill before bed, a pill in the morning, and one more once you get there. By the time any injecting happens you are fast asleep. I couldn’t have attended to my dental needs without it. I had downright panic attacks even talking about making an appointment. Do some research! I haven’t shaken the phobia completely but I’m getting closer. Plus knowing that I’m doing what I need to do to take care of myself makes all the difference!

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