Writers Block!

Published July 30, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Please forgive me!
Its been almost 3 weeks since my last blog!

I haven’t forgot all of you, my loyal fans (*said with tongue firmly placed in cheek).
There has been a lot going on here lately, end of school, our holiday and then there’s the general adoption and non adoption family life stuff too.

So my head is currently a mess of words, thoughts and ponderings. I’ve been trying to un-scramble them, to get them in some kind of order for you to read, and make sense of. So far I’ve not managed it, obviously, other wise I’d be telling you all about it now wouldn’t I 😉

I have so much to tell you all, there’s the very interesting observations I made about all 3 girls whilst we were on holiday, there’s an update on the autism assessment that big girls having, there’s the joys that the school holidays bring us (seriously, so much easier in holidays) and there’s also a big old rant about middle girls sleeping, or not sleeping, still, there’s more for me to say on the big ‘D’ word and I have more to moan about on our local authorities lack of adoption support, Oh and finally I’ve broken my tooth (yesterday), it wouldn’t be half as much of a big deal if I didn’t have a major phobia of injections :/

So please don’t think I’ve given up blogging, I’m just, well, having a spot of writers block I guess!


2 comments on “Writers Block!

  • As much as we love to hear from you, like us, you are probably not superwoman, so family & health should come first. Take care & we will look forward to your next blog with eager anticipation x

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