CAMHS Session 10 – The last one

Published June 26, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Well today was my final  one 2 one session before the therapist leaves in 2 weeks time.

Aside from learning that he’s moving employment to a subsidiary of CAMHS and may be able to continue working with us in his new employment dependant on his new employer, I didn’t learn anything. There was talk of attachment difficulties with all 3 girls being apparent (well there’s a surprise, not), there was talk of ‘other possible’ issues with big girl (durrrrr), there was talk about knowing middle girl no more today than the first day he saw her and there was talk of how sessions solely for me, alongside sessions for the girls may help.

I’m expecting a call before he leaves in 2 weeks letting me know of the plan.

After 10 session, 6 months, lots of tears, missed school hours and plenty of money spent on parking, we’re no further, wiser or even the slightest bit ‘therapized’ (if that’s even a word which is suspect it’s not, but I like how it sounds) than we were 10 sessions ago.

Story of my life!



2 comments on “CAMHS Session 10 – The last one

  • As frustrating as the entire thing is, at least you are bothering, and your doing your best, despite the obvious inability of the alleged specialists who are offering to be nothing more than a traumatised headache.
    ((hugs)) your unconditional love and your willingness to do anything to help these kids, is inspiring to say the least, keep bitching keep being the voice those kids need, but mostly keep being you, your a beautiful soul with such a fiery spirit………..keep that fire glowing its such a gift……….

    • I am trying, its hard because no one seems to want to help and I feel very out of my depth, but I wont give up, they will get the help they deserve and need.
      Thank for your kind words again x

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