CAMHS Session 9 – big girls emergency appointment

Published June 25, 2012 by thefamilyof5

CAMHS decided in view of the self harming incident with big girl at school recently they should see her.

We arrived at CAMHS this morning a little early meaning big girl had time to calm down, relax and focus on some colouring for ten minutes.

We were called through by the therapist and big girl’s anxiety levels instantly rose. The therapist quickly explain the reason for the appointment and told her Mummy would be waiting outside while they had a 15-20 minute chat. I’ve never left the room before, how did he think she was going to react, how was this supposed to help?!

I left the room.

I have no idea what was said, but big girl rushed to the door to check I was still there several times during their brief chat.

I was called back in.

The therapist told me that she hadn’t told him anything revealing and that we could chat about it further at our 1to1 tomorrow.

We left.

Big girls anxiety levels quickly dropped and all was calm, or so I thought. I took her to school and asked them to keep an extra close eye on her.

I saw her teacher later on that day, and she informed me that big girl was clearly anxious upon rejoining the class and when a child asked her where she’d been, she burst in to tears. The conversation with the teacher pretty much went like this.

Teacher : You should keep her home when she’s had an appointment, I don’t know how to or even want to deal with her.
Me: Tough

Realistically I can’t give her a day off school everytime she has an appointment, she’d loose too much time thus making school even more difficult for her. Besides, being home alone with me would make her just as anxious. So for now, it seems better to stick to routine and normality and hope she muddles through.

So far all CAMHS seem to do is upset my girls with no therapeutic input to even make the upset worth while.

Tomorrow I have a 1to1 with the therapist, I wonder how that will go.


6 comments on “CAMHS Session 9 – big girls emergency appointment

  • I am guessing that CAHMS is something like CPS in the US. It sounds like they dealt with her as one might deal with a bio-child, who maybe needed to be away from a parent to be able to speak freely. HUGE mistake. So sorry for you and your daughter.

    • I’m not sure why he felt she would tell him something, she doesn’t tell anyone anything and after all he’s just someone she’s met a few times and what she thinks he represents, scares her!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      • My take is that he handled her as if she was NOT and adopted child with trust issues, because that was his training. Sadly, that = a setback for you.

        When I dropped in before, I mentioned that I don’t think my child has attachment issues, but when people dismiss some of the things I try to talk about as “normal”, it’s still frustrating. I can only imagibne how this is for you – frustrating AND damaging! Sometimes, I want to holler that I have two bio-kids, one of whom is very high need and has medical issues, and I am around LOTS of kids.

        Like you, I am not clueless about the range of what is “normal”.

        Sending out hugs and (if it’s okay) a prayer to you and your daughters. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • It sucks when situations like these are the harsh reality that our kids face, not to mention the morons who are supposed to be trained professionals who only seem to be good at making a bad situation worse, my heart goes out to you and your girl, sadly across the world its much the same when it come’s down to traumatized kids, and how to assist them, they seem to be shunned off, and you the parent or caregiver is given the run around from department to department the whole time, the child is the one feeling the frustration and the isolation, that they are unable to express, for lack of understanding and ability to link the emotion they are feeling to a word that suits it.
    ((hugs)) your one strong lady

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