Published June 12, 2012 by thefamilyof5

How does life become so bad that at age 7 you would want to hurt yourself!

My big girl obviously felt that way today. I was called aside at the end of school to be told that a misunderstanding between children on the playground at dinner time had resulted in her being so upset that she was unable to speak to explain what had happened and so angry that she intentionally hurt herself by scrapping her knuckles on concrete and pushing her fingers into her eyes.

I feel too sad to say anything more about it at the moment, but be assured that I will be speaking to school tomorrow to see how they can support her,  this is not the first time she’s intentionally hurt herself in school.


12 comments on “HOW?!

    • I remember asking about pastoral support when I met with the new head teacher last year. And his reply was ‘all teachers are responsible for pastoral support, there isn’t one designated person/department’. I also recall a letter last year about the counselling service being withdrawn from school. But I will raise both of these questions/points when I speak with the Senco tomorrow. Thank you for the advice xx

  • Unfortunately schools do not have the resources, money or time to deal with these issues, a tragedy but a fact. I work in a special school where all 70 pupils have similar needs and issues to Big Girl and we are often ill-equipt to deal with them, and we are supposed to be ‘special’. However the government have cut LA services to the bone and are forcing teachers to be too oCcupied with ‘progress’ and ‘learning objectives’ and ‘targets’ and ‘AFL’ so as to appease Ofsted than giving time, training and support for these children.

  • Huge hugs. I can empathise on this one. Pickle used to self-harm when he felt upset. It’s heart-wrenching. Their priorities are all wrong, you’re quiet right. Not sure if shouting any louder will get you far but it can do no harm. 🙂

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