Who I am

Published May 29, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I seem to have lost myself somewhere along this journey of ours.
Something as simple as song reminded me today that I’d forgot who I am.

I am confident, on the outside but not so much inside
I am funny, at least I think so 🙂
I am very sarcastic, which you’ve probably noticed by now
I am a big thinker, some call it over thinking
I am an avid reader of girly books
I am organised beyond belief
I am caring and kind
I am a lover of animals
I am Dyslexic
I am spontaneous
I am emotional
I am considerate, sometimes too much
I am asthmatic
I don’t drink alcohol, but only because I can’t find anything I like
I am independent, sometimes too much
I am determined, when I put my mind to it
I am also lazy, ask my husband
I have a good sense of humour, good job really
I am generous, mostly 😉
I can be selfish, but when it comes to chocolate who isn’t eh
I am resourceful
I have a need to be liked
I don’t handle rejection well
I love to talk, not everyone wants to listen though 🙂
I don’t like confrontation
I’m scared of anything ‘fire’
I am quite knowledgeable, just not about anything useful
I love chocolate
I have a phobia of injections
I love the colour blue although I’m warming towards pink too
I’m scared of spiders
I don’t know how I feel about religion
I don’t understand politics or pensions
I love to shop online, I have the potential to become a shopaholic
I love bargains, lucky considering the above
I love romance
I’m in love with Vin Diesel, its the muscles I think
I’m scared of dying, will it hurt
I grew up with Barbara Streisand and Meat loaf, not literally of course
I love a good debate
I’m too lazy to exercise but I’d love to be slim again
I love to loose myself in loud music
I love to drive fast, Shhhh
I put everyone before myself
I am a loyal friend
I’m addicted to Facebook
I love everyone in my family, even the difficult ones
I like only one part of myself, my eyes
I don’t forgive easily, sadly its just not one of my strengths
I always dreamed of being a wedding planner, as well as a millionaire

And now

I am a Mummy

I need to remember that being a Mummy doesn’t replace who I am, it just enhances who I am.
Its so easy to loose yourself amongst all the trauma and parenting stuff.


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