The Fantastic Difficult Weekend

Published May 20, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Wow what a weekend we’ve had.

We took their girls to their first ever wedding, not any wedding but a family wedding in a cathedral. The bride looked stunning, the cathedral was beautiful.

The excitement started 2 months ago when I started buying outfits. I should have kept quiet about our plans and surprised them on the day, this tends to work much better. They woke super early the day of the wedding fit to burst. It was a day filled with lots of questions, lots of fidgeting, lots of crowds, lots of new faces and I’d guess lots of uncertainty for them, but also lots of smiles and looks of awe. They coped incredibly well considering how tired they were and how ‘new’ the experience was for them.

My baby girl asked during the ceremony prayers ‘will we sing happy birthday in a minute mummy?’ and they were all very interested to know when the ‘party food’ would be out, despite the fact that I’d kept them quiet during the ceremony with a mini picnic of ‘quiet’ snacks 🙂

So late nights all round couldn’t be avoided, lie in’s the following morning would have been nice, never mind.

Today was my nieces birthday party, they found out about it today. Lots of children, lots of dancing, lots of loud music it was a recipe for disaster for my already overwhelmed, over stimulated and exhausted little girls, but they did ok, it was a little difficult in parts but we survived, just!

Overall the weekend went well. My big girl has really enjoyed herself and taken in lots of new sight’s and information which i can see whirring its way round her little head. My middle girl seems to be testing a few boundaries lately, maybe someone told her about middle child syndrome or maybe she doesn’t like weddings and party’s anymore, who knows?!  My baby girl has had a lovely week and weekend and whilst she’s struggled with the busy events of this weekend, she’s managed to stay out of trouble and allow her cuteness to shine through!



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