CAMHS session 7 – Time for Cake!

Published May 14, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Not only is it Monday, but we started the day with a 9.30am trip to CAMHS for my middle girl! Mondays don’t get much more exciting than that now do they!

My middle girl was quite relaxed, seemed to be excited to be spending some time with me and getting to do some ‘colouring in’ at CAMHS instead of a morning at school.

We arrived early as we went straight from the school run which was ok as it gave her time to settle, which she did. A few minutes after 9.30am the therapist called us through.
My middle girl took the picture she’d started through with her and continued it. The therapist didn’t do much talking, there was lots of uncomfortable silence I felt. Was he lost for words?! Did he not know how to approach the session?!
He did talk about my middle girls smile and how he felt she smiled even when she might be feeling sad. He talked about feeling safe and which people she has around her to keep her safe and how this must feel.

My middle girl smiled a lot and said very little and snuggled up to me, something he hadn’t seen her do before and something she doesn’t often do around her sisters, her snuggles come when its just me and her.
Less than 25 minutes later we were on our way home with an appointment for a months time for my baby girl.
Had she beaten him? Did he think she was just too stubborn to get through to? Had he given up trying to get her to talk/respond/acknowledge him? Had he sensed I was tired and not in the mood? Perhaps he wasn’t in the mood? Maybe he’s starting to wind down for his retirement? Or maybe he just couldn’t be arsed?
Either way it was the quickest session ever, if I’d known how quick it was going to be I’d have parked in the hospital free short stay spaces rather than the pay and display!

My middle girl was quite happy to leave early, it meant we had time to spare before she returned to school, time for a cake and a drink in the cafe 🙂

I’m still left wondering the purpose of these appointment and when the real therapy will start!


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