Horrible few days

Published April 30, 2012 by thefamilyof5

It all started very early Saturday morning when I caught my middle girl, in the small hours, waking her younger sister sleeping in the bunk below.
This has been a problem for sometime now. There’s been lots of warnings, lots of punishments, lots of talks about making good choices, in fact Saturday was the last day of her early nights that she’d been given for the very same reason. There was nothing more for it, she clearly needed a stronger message. We grounded her for 1 week. Not being allowed out to party with your friends at age 6 is inconsequential, so for now, being grounded means a complete lack of privileges and treats, we’ve also swapped the bunks about and she is now on the bottom bunk. Once we awarded her with her punishment she was told that we expected her to think about her behaviour and come to us with a proper apology.
We waited, and waited and waited.
We gave her several reminders throughout the day that we were still waiting to hear something from her. We still waited.
By bedtime we gave up waiting and asked for an apology, which she gave. With no remorse.
Sunday morning we woke up to the same. No lesson learnt.

Sunday we decided to go out for sunday lunch as we often do. We suspected it wasn’t a great idea given that middle girl was moody, baby girl was tired and big girl was over enthusiastically being nice. But we wanted pub grub and an easy life, so we went.
It was quite possibly the worst meal out we’ve had in 22 months. There was spitting out food, gorging and stuffing, wearing more food than was eaten and plain messing about with food. It was like feeding time at the zoo. A quiet afternoon and an early night followed!

Monday morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. My morning trip to the bathroom was interrupted by my middle girl who stomped into the bathroom informing me she needed the toilet.
After 3-4 minutes
Me: are you done yet I need to shower?
Daughter: I need a poo
Me: ok
After a further 10 minutes
Me: are you done yet?
Daughter: No I’m having a poo
Me: ok hurry up I need to have a shower.
Another 10 minutes (over 20 minutes she’s been in there)
Me: are you done?
Daughter: not yet
Me: have you had a poo?
Daughter: no I’m waiting for it
Me: (getting irritated) well wait in bed I need a shower
Daughter: I need another wee though
Me: (shouting) for gods sake xyz hurry up, quickly, wash your hands.
And then I showered.

Once I showered I got all the girls up so they could use the bathroom, brush teeth and get dressed. We have a very good morning routine and it usually works very well and requires little effort from any of us, which is always a bonus in the mornings I think!
Seems today my baby girl forgot how to get dressed, being already irritated by the earlier bathroom incident I shouted, and shouted some more.
We finally all made it down stairs for breakfast, albeit very rushed due our late start and delays. Breakfast was served, toast as usual. My big girl decided she didn’t want to eat it instead she was just going to play with it. Being very out of character for her I asked what was wrong.
Me: come on eat up
Daughter: ok mommy
Few minutes later
Me: what’s the matter why aren’t you eating
Daughter: shrugs shoulders
Me: is your throat sore again
Daughter: no
Me: do you feel unwell?
Daughter: no
Me: what’s the matter then?
Daughter: nothings the matter
Me: if you don’t tell me I can’t help you can I
Daughter: there’s nothing the matter
Me: so why aren’t you eating, either somethings the matter or your just messing about
Daughter: I’m just messing about
Me: why
Daughter: I’m just being naughty

The conversation really went just like that, it was one of many bizarre conversations I’ve had over the last 22 months with my big girl. She is unpredictable, impulsive and unreliable. I know/understand/connect with her the least.

So ultimately today my baby girl couldn’t dress, middle girl wanted to spend the morning sat on the toilet doing nothing, and big girl decided she’d like to just be naughty.

They went to school. I cried, ate cake and cleaned my house, a lot.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Mondays! Or is that Mornings! Or just Most days!

I called and made the appointment with the counsellor today, its Friday. Providing I haven’t been committed to an asylum before then that is.


2 comments on “Horrible few days

  • Hate times like these when the kids just throw all their crap at you, so recognise everything you have written in the last couple of blog posts. It is exhausting, And irritating. And infuriating. Wishing you calmness, peace and refreshment xx

  • Oh, I feel for you. Hang in there. I hope the counselor is helpful. I just had a nasty little attitude from my oldest because I called her back to finish her job of wiping up the counter instead of leaving puddles (she had to wring the sponge out three times there was so much). Such a small thing but sometimes it’s hard to just shake it off. Hoping for a better end to the week.

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