The Great Depression

Published April 25, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Apparently, without noticing my life has dipped into the darkness of depression, what a depressing thought.

I saw my gp today about heart burn/acid refux. We got to talking about the cause of it and stress was mentioned. I was asked to complete a short questionnaire. I don’t recall many of the questions but I do remember ticking ‘never’ by the question asking if I ever wished I was dead.

My gp did a quick score up and then told me that my score indicated that I was moderately to severely depressed. I was quite shocked by this news. ‘But I don’t feel sad’ I told her. I knew I was a little stressed out and had half expected a prescription of Gaviscon and advice to drink some calming camomile tea, so to discover I was depressed was quite a depressing revelation indeed!

I was offered a combination of treatments, self help books, counselling and drugs! The D word made me feel quite panicky and against my GP’s advice I declined medication. The counselling and books however seemed quite harmless so I accepted her offer of those just to keep her on side. Although I did wonder how I’m supposed to concentrate long enough to read a book given that I currently have the attention span of a goldfish! but I’ll give it a go to keep her happy, I chose a book called ‘How to stop worrying’.
The counselling offer made me feel a little excited if I’m honest, finally someone I can moan too!! I may become their worst patient, the poor counsellor may need counselling themselves after listening to me off load about my life!

So I left the GP with a script for a book, a referral for counselling and an offer of drugs! Oh and some Gaviscon. It was almost like one of those trips to the supermarket when you buy everything but the bread you went in for, I’d almost forgot that my appointment was because I wanted something for my heartburn!

I left with something else too, something I hadn’t expected at all. I left with lighter shoulders. I felt as if a weight had been lifted, but it was a weight I hadn’t even known was there?!


2 comments on “The Great Depression

  • I know this scenario well, hugs to you. I recently did this too (went to the docs for something else and broke down crying) though I took the drugs that were offered, one day on them and I swear never, ever again.

    I already had my first counselling session but that was worse than useless.

    I have basically had to ‘sort myself out’. I still get really low days but I have tried to put some positives in my life, I have enrolled to go to college in september and I told family and friends how I was feeling so they watch out for me showing signs of being low and distressed, best of all I started my blog which really seems to help, gives me something to focus on.

    I hope your counselling works out better than mine, I got an hmmm-er! Absolutely no use to me!

    • I’m so sorry that the support you was offered didn’t help :/ it sounds like you have great family that are supporting you now. And college, wow what an exciting step!

      Thank you for your kindness and words of wisdom x

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