School once again!

Published April 20, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Those of you who follow my blog will remember the issues we had at school a few weeks with my big girl not getting her pen license, those of you who don’t follow, can read about it here.

Today my big girl came home from school proud as anything because she’s finally been given her Pen License which means she can now do her school work in pen rather than pencil. I’m very happy for her. She’s strived towards this pen license for so long now.

However, it does make me question why she wasnt awarded it last time. She’s been at school a whole 6 days (due to half term) since the last time pen licenses were handed out. Her handwriting hasn’t changed much over the last 4-5 months. So why did her teacher put her through all of that upset, only to give it her a few days later.

My big girl finds school academically, socially and emotionally very challenging, why does her teacher seem intent on being part of her problem rather than part of her solution.

Interestingly my baby girl came home with another colourful word today, no surprises that it’s from the same girl as before.

I know my girls will always be influenced by the other children in school and I’ll need to teach them to make good choices for themselves. They will  have to face disappointment and heartache throughout their lives and I’ll need to teach them how to handle this. My girls are more vulnerable than most children their ages, they’ve already been subjected to poor choices, heartache and disappointment, so much so that it became a way of life for them, after all it was all they knew. They’ve only just deviated from the dark and gloomy road they were on. That road was leading them straight to crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy and self harm, it wont take much to pull them back to the rocky route of self-destruction.

Protecting my daughters from bad influences and gently easing them in to the stresses of every day life is my job as their mum. It’d just be nice if sometimes everyone else pulled with me, instead of against me.


3 comments on “School once again!

  • Well said, we’ve had probs at times at kids school. Mainly to do with the choice of topics they discuss. Plus the fact we, on one particular occasion, didn’t find out the topic until 6 wks later! Yes, we learnt fast, but the wrong way. Sadly, unless you know like us, ev1 in school has to be seen as treated the same. But a lot of compassion for children and their situations goes a long way and good communication lines help too. Unfortunately we have to educate them as otherwise teachers wouldn’t know. Most teachers, worth their salt, should be willing to work with us.

  • No, the head of kids school an absolute nightmare, not willing to open her mind. If I didn’t want them to go o rc school then they would have come to mine. My head has a different outlook

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