The search continues………….

Published April 10, 2012 by thefamilyof5

My big girl came with no medical history aside from assessments carried out whilst she was in foster care. We don’t even know her birth weight let alone any childhood illnesses. Social Services tried without success to get us copies prior to the adoption order being made.

After making many months of requesting, today I made payment to our GP for a copy of what I believed was to be her medical history, it turns out all I have is a record of her immunisation’s.  So they treat/assess her based purely on her record of immunisation’s!? how do they know if she has any allergy’s? let alone any other vital bits of medical information.

So the search continues, someone, somewhere must have some records of her surely.

I’m beginning to worry that they’re being kept from me for a reason, serious case of paranoia I know!

So the search for the needle in the haystack continues……………

Why is nothing ever straight forward, why is everything such an uphill struggle!


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