Robot Love.

Published April 8, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Oh how I long for the days when we will see ‘the real’ in my girls.

What I’d give for a temper tantrum.

How I’d appreciate an opinion.

A little defiance would actually be lovely.

Compliant children that say and do what they think they should, are not just being well-behaved.

Children are supposed to say ‘no’ once in a while. They’re supposed to moan. They’re supposed to groan at your requests of chores. They’re supposed to nag for all manner of things.

Compliant children are untrusting. They’re constantly trying to please. They’re constantly watching for your reactions.

They laugh when you laugh. They smile when you smile. They pause when you pause. They do as you do and do as you say.  Because its safer that way

They’re like robots.

It’s not easy to love a robot.


10 comments on “Robot Love.

  • I can see that, although today we have had a pretty calm day, not a compliant but definitely not defiant. At least it is a break from the mental and emotional stress. At least for the time being any way. Happy times!

  • Definitely not! We have a girl who is mainly defiant (except today, but hey it’s not over!) and a boy who is a typical 3 yr old, if any child is typical!

    We also have now done 2 anniversarys of everything!

  • Yeah thanks and you! We had a cry and tantrum from our girl tonight, it would have been nice to have a good day (despite the small blip this afternoon when out) but such is life. What area of the country are you from? A lot of what you have said in your blog resonates loudly with me, it is good to know we are not alone. Did you blog the first year of placement?

  • Thanks for this, we’re 5 months in and have a very compliant little (just) 4 yr old, in her nightmare sleep talking last night she was even shouting out ‘I’m very sorry about that’, today she’s ‘very sorry’ because she’s sick and crying, breaks your heart, (an anxious regression caused by SS insisting she attend a LAC medical yesterday despite the final hearing next week!) but hopefully in time she’ll learn we’re there no matter what. Thanks so much for your blog, there’s so little about the challenges of parenting our compliant little ones! Good luck!

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