CAMHS Session 5 – The NOT Therapy, Just assesment.

Published April 3, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Today was the girls 4th session (5th overall) at CAMHS, I’d contemplated cancelling and withdrawing from the service after my one to one a few weeks ago (read here if you missed it Part 1Part 2). I’m glad I didn’t cancel, not that I felt that today was of any benefit what so ever but when I was chatting to the therapist I got the impression he was trying to tell me to stay in the system as it would be super hard to get back in if we left. So for now we’ll continue.

Today was mostly about colouring in the Easter pictures they’d collected from the waiting room and playing with the play food in the family therapy room. I’m sure he was observing in between ordering coffee, pasta and cake from my baby girls mini pretend cafe and commenting on the great art work from the other two, but it really didn’t look like it.

There was lots of ‘hurts’ that needed rubbing better today, I commented that this was a regular occurrence, especially for my baby girl and that ‘bump letters’ from school were expected at least once a day. Using all of his knowledge and wisdom he offered me some advice and insight.  He suggested that perhaps it was about more than the bumps, and that perhaps they were telling me they wanted my attention. Shock! Horror! Silly me…………………….I’d been thinking they were just super clumsy all this time! Oh Pleeeeease!

We also talked about sleep, and the issues we have with my baby girl and middle girl sharing a bedroom.  He asked her if she wakes her younger sister on purpose, she said ‘yup’.  He asked her why, she said ‘I dont know’.  Not really sure what he expected her to say to be honest, she’s 6. We chatted about their differing needs when it comes to sleep and how my middle girl probably chooses to wake her younger sister out of boredom. Wow, what a great suggestion, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, at all, ever!

We talked about their bickering and he asked them as a group why they argue and bicker, their answer was unanimous ‘I dont know’. So he made a suggestion of his own. He suggested that some of their bickering was attention seeking and that they argued in the hope that I would intervene, thus giving them my attention. Honestly, this guy is a genius!

Cant wait to see what I can learn in the next ‘assesment’ session!


3 comments on “CAMHS Session 5 – The NOT Therapy, Just assesment.

  • Excellent – excellent in that you sound just like me after a session with CAMHS – they haven’t done anything with my boy yet – it’s bad enough when they are just talking to me!

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