Tiredness strikes again!

Published March 31, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Well the holidays have got off to a great start, rain for the first time in weeks has spoilt plans and we have 2 very tired girls after a restless night.

For some reason my middle girl took almost two and a half hours to drop off to sleep last night meaning she kept baby girl awake with her tossing and turning, sighing and coughing, grunting and groaning.
She then decided that 5.30am was a good time to start a coughing contest!

End result, I have a grumpy stroppy spiteful middle girl and a very tired and moody baby girl unwilling to have a midday nap.

We desperately need to get an extension built or move so we can separate these two. Its getting worse as they become more settled they’re becoming brave enough to test boundaries further and further. I guess we should be happy that it shows they’re more settled. But constantly tired children are not easy to ‘like’ let alone bond with.

Early nights again for now then it seems, if they survive till bed time that is 😉


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