Was she having me on?!

Published March 15, 2012 by thefamilyof5

My big girl came out of school looking quite pale and unhappy. I asked if she’d had a nice day and she told me some of the children had been telling tales about her and she didn’t like it.

I called her aside and asked her to tell me about her day once we were home and she burst in to tears and continued to tell me about the ‘tale telling’. There seemed to be something else and far too many tears to just be about ‘tale telling’. I reminded her that she could tell me anything, and that she was at home and we were safe and that no matter what I would always love her and always be her Mummy.

The conversation went on for some time, she didn’t say much but she cried a lot, whenever I asked her ‘what’s causing all these tears’ she’d get even more upset. On a few occasions she looked as if she was about to tell me something…………….and then she’d just ask for a tissue, or just say ‘erm, erm’.

She’d starting sitting on the floor and had gradually crept up till she was on my lap, she cried most of the time and said very little.

Then out of the blue she went from uncontrollable crying to talking in a calm and controlled voice saying ‘is daddy in the shower cause I need the toilet’

She gets up, skips off as though nothing has happened.

I’m left feeling confused and bewildered, drained and exhausted.

Was there something, or did she just like the attention she was getting from me?!

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