The pressure of a carrot.

Published March 11, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So it seems the carrot was just too much pressure!?

If you didn’t read my previous post The book became a carrot then you need to.

About half an hour after telling the girls all about the new 7 day chart they needed to complete to earn their new books, my middle girl told me a lovely lie, yes another one.

I decided it was best to start the sticker chart the following day giving them time to properly think about it and have the benefit of the whole day to earn their sticker.

By the following morning all 3 girls had presented me with behaviour that would lose their 1st stickers!

So I deferred the sticker chart for a second day, to today.

2 of my girls got their sticker tonight, one did not.

I seem to remember this was the issue we had with sticker charts. The pressure of having to ‘behave’ in order to earn something is too much and instead of promoting good behaviour, it just seems to provoke them in to loosing it as quickly as they can!?

I’ll continue with the chart, but i fear it may become a 70 day chart rather than a 7 day chart.

Something else I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t started.





2 comments on “The pressure of a carrot.

  • Oh, I feel for you. I don’t really have anything to say that might be helpful except that perhaps for your girls you might start with smaller/shorter goals (one day instead of one week). My five-year old loves stickers so much that we have tears when she doesn’t get one! The important thing is that you’re staying consistent in your expectations of them, and providing consequences when those expectations aren’t met. Coupled with love, your kiddos will eventually come around. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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