The book became a carrot!

Published March 9, 2012 by thefamilyof5

The book fair was at school today and the girls have asked all week if they could go. So we did. I let them choose a book each and then helped them choose a better one (ie cheaper one!!) which they were equally as excited with.

We’ve had a truly awful week, behaviour wise so I’m looking for a fix. So I’ve tried sticker charts and they didn’t work. Quite frankly my girls don’t give a stuff about earning a sticker to get a reward.

Then in the car on the way home listening to them talking excitedly about their new book it hit me. The book would make a great carrot, and a carrot they could see, had already chosen and wanted! So when we got home I dropped the bombshell, I drew up a 7 day sticker chart, dug out some gold stickers and told them if they got a sticker each day then they get their new book next Friday. We talked about what they would need to do to earn their sticker and they all agreed it was fair and not too hard.

We’ll see! Check back next week to see if they’ve managed to be in bed without fuss, eat their dinner and not tell lies for a week!


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