Published March 6, 2012 by thefamilyof5

My baby girl has messed about with her lunch at school today for the 2nd day running, she did this every day for 2 weeks leading up to last half term. I arrived at school today for a family SEAL session to see her being led by her teacher at the end of lunch time from the dinner hall to the playground to line up ready to go in to class. So she’d had no play time and spent the entire hour in the dinner hall with 1 sandwich and a box drink. How many times must I say ‘dont let her have more than 20-30 minutes, she wont starve’ before they listen.

She came out of school ‘wired’ again, she looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards and sideward. Her eyes were red and she was very agitated. By 4pm she could have easily gone to bed which is surprising considering I know she hadn’t been running around on the playground at lunch time. Perhaps this running around would have allowed her the time to release some of those tensions, or maybe it would have fueled them!? I really don’t know.

What I do know though is that school seems too much for her, she seems to be spending the day getting higher and higher so by home time she’s ready to explode, which she generally does with her awful behaviour. It doesnt help that when she gets to this state, which I fear will now remain until the next school holiday, she has trouble settling off to sleep and staying asleep in the mornings, which is also aggravated by her sister in the upper bunk who relishes in waking her early in the morning knowing she’ll be tired and ‘will get in to trouble’, which she loves!

But with a teacher that doesn’t acknowledge that there is an issue, and no spare room to seperate her from her sister, what can I do!?


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