CAMHS session 3 – The Family Tree

Published March 5, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Or family branch as it was more like.

The therapist got as far as drawing 3 circles with my girls names before they completely lost interest and proceeded to run amok in his office and generally behave rudely, loud and dis-respectfully.

There was shouting, talking over him, blanking him, behaving very hyped whilst showing me they were in control by glancing at me as they knew they were doing/saying/acting in a way I wouldn’t approve of.

So why was this time so different to last. The difference is school. They didn’t get enough sleep as they were too hyped to relax, as they always are term time, and as a result find themselves tired and agitated. The next appointment is in the holidays!

The usual calming techniques didn’t work today as they were too wired to even see him never mind listen to him. So I was sent home with 3 very over excited girls that had spent 40 minutes getting more and more excitable without the skills to know when to stop.

I stopped them, I calmed them, I made them feel safe again.

Over 3 sessions we don’t appear to have learnt anything except that they’re not great at taking turns with the white board and will try it on and get away with what ever he allows them to, which seems to be limitless so far.

I’m loosing faith with how this is having any benefit what so ever. He doesn’t even seem to notice the squabbling they do so how much is he observing?!

My hopes of them having happy hearts seem to be fading.


2 comments on “CAMHS session 3 – The Family Tree

  • We were referred to CAHMS because the child development pediatrician thought LML has ADHD. We’ve had four sessions and they have’t invited LML in yet. We seem to be going nowhere slowly too.

    • I dont think i ever thought camhs would be a quick fix, but i guess i expected to at least see some sort of method or direction for the sessions but up until now i’ve seen nothing :/

      Hope you get some answers for your little one soon, nothing worse than feeling like your not being supported. We have a comm pead appointment tomorrow for our eldest in the hope they will assess her.

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