Published March 3, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I detest lies……. I loath them……… I can’t condone or understand them. I’ve always given my girls several chances to come clean with the truth and reminded them that they’ll always get in to more trouble for lying about an incident, than the incident its self.

My baby girl and my big girl have lied on many occasions, some big some small, some blatant, some shameful, but lies none the less.

My middle girls usually been the one to make better choices, so when she stared me dead in the eye, confidently assured me it wasn’t her and swore she had no idea even how the pop up book got broken, I believed her. Instead I turned my attention to her worried and guilty looking sisters.

I now know that I can’t believe any of my girls. This leaves me feeling sad and worried for them.

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