They listened at last.

Published March 2, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I kicked up a fuss at parents evening last week. I told them how worried I was that my big girl still has no friends and that the school don’t appear to be doing anything to support her. I suggested that as they don’t seem to be able to do anything to support her and instead are just leaving her to feel insecure, lonely and scared on the playground at lunch times, and that perhaps they should be finding ways to keep her off the playground and giving her something else to do at lunch time such as clubs or perhaps even letting her spend the time helping the younger children in the nursery. They decided today to take action. I’ve only been asking them for 15 months!

They’ve decided the following

Mondays my big girl will ‘help’ the school senco with some of the younger children in KS1 at morning play time and play some games with them. This is in the hope she will learn ‘how to play’ from ‘helping’ them, so they’ve acknowledged that she doesn’t have the skills to play, at last!

Wednesdays she will attend a teacher supervised lunch time art club and they will encourage her to interact with the other children.

Fridays’s the senco will support her on the KS2 playground at lunch time and try to encourage socialising.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunch times there will be buddies and squaddies (older children) on the playground to keep an eye out and step in if she needs support.

I’m not convinced about some of these options, but I am glad that they’re finally listening to me and taking action. Maybe it was because I subtly suggested at parents evening that they might not be the right school for my big girl, or maybe they’re just fed up of me going on at them, either way, they’ve acted at last.




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