A sad reminder

Published March 1, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I was given a sad reminder last night of how much despair can be felt by unsupported adoptive parents.

WordPress blogs come with lots of complicated and interesting statistics. One of the statistics shows you the search terms that were typed in by viewers of your blog. Last night someone typed in ‘adoption, exhausted’. Those 2 words convey such a powerful message that you can almost hear the desperation. I’ve typed in similar words myself on many occasions in the hope that someone out there somewhere would have the answers I needed.

I’m not arrogant enough to think that my blog provides anyone with answers, but im compassionate enough to offer empathy and a listening ear.

I’ve added a contact email address to my blog in the hope that the next adopter that finds themselves desperately searching the internet for answers and stumbles upon my blog will feel safe enough to drop me an email and say Hi. There isn’t much support out there for adoptors, but we can support each other.


One comment on “A sad reminder

  • I think its a fantastic idea. There’s nothing worse in the world than feeling desperate for help and reaching a dead end at every turn. I hope whoever the poor soul was who typed those 2 sad words found some comfort from your blog, I know how desperate you’ve felt yourself on the rollercoaster of emotions you’ve been on, and I hope some people feel confident enough to contact you and maybe start an unofficial support network for each other. A problem shared is a problem halved xx

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