Something so simple

Published February 29, 2012 by thefamilyof5


My big girl has always told me how she wants to be a Mommy when she’s older, it’s all she’s ever expressed an interest in. I’ve always worried that she was aspiring to be like her birth mom and would go on to repopulate the planet later in her teens.  I’ve recently taken up volunteering, partly because I want something that’s just for me, and partly because I want her to see that Mommys don’t just have babies, sometimes they work to.

So anyway…………..

She said to me on the playground this morning that a girl in her class had told her that it hurts when baby’s come out. She asked me if this was true so I thought I’d be honest and share my own thoughts and I told her ‘yes it does hurt, quite a lot I’ve been told’. She pondered over this new information for a moment or two and then she said to me ‘I dont think I want to be a mommy any more’!

Maybe I should have just shown her a birthing video instead of worrying all these months! 🙂


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