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Published February 27, 2012 by thefamilyof5

………………wouldn’t it be great if life came with an answers page!

Or perhaps if life wasnt so complicated! I much prefered it when MY  mom made all my decisions for me, I wonder where she got her answers from, perhaps she could lend me the ‘book’.

I’d first look up how to teach a 7 year old to be a 7 year old and do the things that 7 year olds do.

Then I’d research how to teach her to interact with other 7 year olds rather than seek adult interaction all the time.

I’d then look up how to help a 7 year old feel safe enough to sleep through the night, and then perhaps how to make her feel secure enough to not be anxious all the time.

And finally I’d look up why there are so many different ‘professionals’ needed to ‘help support’ one child yet only one of me to support her every day and only one of me to find all of those answers, and without an ‘answers page’.


2 comments on “Skip to the answers page…………

  • This just made me giggle! I am a 17 year old girl who was adopted when I was little from Thailand. I went through these exact same things! Apparently I used to stand in the corner and observe kids playing rather than playing myself and I was very restless and anxious when it came to sleeping in my own room. My parents said I had an ‘old soul’, a child’s body with this with very wise brain. Now that I’m 17, they will tell you that all is good, and they wish they had their old soul daughter back 😛 I was very anxious about being left alone as a child, and my parents did allow me to sleep in their room for the first few years at times. They said that they were catching up for lost time. When I was dropped off at daycare twice a week, looking back, my parents believed that my crying was associated with a potential feeling that I was being abandoned again. But none of this has really affected me now. I needed a tiny push to be more socially interactive with others my age when I was younger but I think it was because I just needed to figure out where I belonged. I tended to access situations and observe them before becoming a part of them.

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